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Olivier and his boxer in Palermo Chico, Argentina

Olivier and his boxer in Palermo Chico, Argentina

Ups and downs, successes and failures as I try to be well fed in London.

London is so international that you should have no problem finding any type of cuisine. There are many good restaurants, but there are plenty of bad places too with nasty (and not necessary cheap) food and poor hygiene.

I decided to share my experiences and to write reviews in the hope it will help some people to discover new places to eat – or to avoid. It is also a good way for me to remember what I ate.

Are my reviews fully independent? Well, I certainly do not get paid for reviews but I think restaurant reviews are never independent. Reviews are very subjective and depend on the reviewer’s taste. Mine is perfect naturally ;-) I like French, Japanese and most hot spicy cuisine but that does not mean that everything in these categories is good…

I do refuse invitations/review requests/”free” lunch by restaurants. I do not work in the food industry, this is just a hobby while still being a useful tool for knowing where to go when receiving guests for example.

I started Trusted-Gourmet.com in mid March 2009 and joined Urbanspoon 1st May 2009. It was the first time I started a blog. I am not new to the internet though as I own several other websites with some created in 1995, at a time a domain name was US$100 for two years and my ISP was charging me per 200kb of webspace! I plan to have a French version of the blog since it is my main language.

About myself: I have degrees in law and economics. I am not good at cooking but I believe I cook better than many :-) I am a “diplobrat” so as a child when my father was ambassador I had the chance to have a chef cooking what I wanted. I especially remember a Japanese chef who came from the famous restaurant Patin d’Or in Kockelscheuer-Luxembourg who wanted me to find the hardest recipes to cook. After the dinner he always wanted some feedback about how to improve the dishes. He was a serious food maniac and during the weekend he was going to Paris spending huge money on top restaurants and reviewing them. He liked me because I was into challenging sophisticated haute cuisine while my parents, being invited out daily, just wanted a simple salad or some sushi.

I had the chance to travel a lot and by living about 3 years in a country before moving to another one, I got used to different kinds of cuisine. My favourite type of food is from South West of France. I like the magrets de canard, the foie gras especially when pan-seared etc. I also like cuisine from Normandie since I love cream and butter. I remember a wonderful moules à la crème Normande I had in Etretat… It is not healthy so I counter balance that kind of diet with Japanese cuisine.
I like very spicy food so pizzas with strong chilli oil are welcome, the same can be said for hot curry but I cannot eat Indian food weekly while I can eat French or Japanese food daily.

Well, that’s about it. Wishing you un bon appétit hungry


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